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Um ecossistema federado para compartilhamento de dados genômicos

Em comentário sobre o tema publicado na revista Science, equipe da The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health menciona exemplo da Brazilian Initiative on Precision Medicine (BIPMed). A importância de se compartilhar dados de estudos genômicos para fazer avançar o tratamento de doenças foi tema de um comentário publicado (http://science.sciencemag.org/content/352/6291/1278) na revista Science, em junho, pela equipe do consórcio The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH). Leia mais clicando em Full Article URL.

Giant and Tunable Anisotropy of Nanoscale Friction in Graphene

The nanoscale friction between an atomic force microscopy tip and graphene is investigated using friction force microscopy (FFM). During the tip movement, friction forces are observed to increase and then saturate in a highly anisotropic manner. As a result, the friction forces in graphene are highly dependent on the scanning direction: under some conditions, the energy dissipated along the armchair direction can be 80% higher than along the zigzag direction.

Using computational chemistry to understand biomass pretreatments for biofuel production

Cellulose, the most abundant biopolymer on Earth, represents a resource for sustainable production of biofuels. Thermochemical treatments make lignocellulosic biomaterials more amenable to depolymerization by exposing cellulose microfibrils to enzymatic or chemical attacks. In such treatments, the solvent plays fundamental roles in biomass modification, but the molecular events underlying these changes are still poorly understood.


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