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Parallel Computation for the All-Pairs Su x-Prefix Problem

Running time of p-apsp, apsp and SOF for varying values of τ

The Cloud as an OpenMP Offloading Device

Workflow of the offloading of a kernel execution to a cloud device 

Compiling and Optimizing OpenMP 4.X Programs to OpenCL and SPIR

AClang Compiler pipeline 

Data Coherence Analysis and Optimization for Heterogenous Computing

Cost of data offloading and coherence in a CPU/GPU platform using: (a) Memory Objects created on both sides; (b) Memory object created on host and (c) Memory object created on device. 

Performance Evaluation of Thread-Level Speculation in Off-the-Shelf Hardware Transactional Memories

Four SPEC2006 Loops. Speed-ups and abort ratios for coarse-grained TLS ex- ecution on TSX and POWER8. 

Using Hardware-Transactional-Memory Support to Implement Thread-Level Speculation

DDG and SCCs of mcf’s hottest loop. 

Boas Práticas de Pesquisa
Ética de dados - das Humanas às Exatas



Converting scripts into reproducible Workflow Research Objects

Scientific discovery and analysis are increasingly computational and data-driven. While scripting languages, such as Python, R and Perl, are the means of choice of the majority of scientists to encode and run their data analysis, scripts are generally not amenable to reuse or reproducibility. Scripts do rarely get reused or even shared with third party scientists. We argue in this paper that the reproducibility of scripts can be promoted by converting them into workflow research objects.

BIPMed busca parcerias para ampliar banco público de dados genômicos e clínicos

Lançado há um ano, a Brazilian Initiative on Precision Medicine (BIPMed), o primeiro banco público de dados genômicos da América Latina, já reúne informações de 254 indivíduos da região de Campinas, interior de São Paulo.
Os voluntários passaram pelo sequenciamento completo do exoma – parte do genoma onde ficam os genes codificadores de proteína e, portanto, onde há mais chance de ocorrerem mutações causadoras de doenças.


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