The Center for Computational Engineering & Sciences (CCES) is a multidisciplinary center whose mission is to carry out world-class scientific research in high-performance computer simulations, computational modeling, and data-intensive computing to solve frontier problems in molecular sciences and engineering.


The CCES conducts research in the areas of computational molecular sciences, computational mechanical engineering, bioinformatics, computational geophysics, and computer science. The scope of the research at CCES encompasses a variety of computer intensive problems in different domains, as follows:

•Quantum and classical molecular simulations of biomolecular systems, nanomaterials and condensed matter physics; quantum chemistry
•Topological optimization and multiphysics in mechanical engineering, soil-structure interaction dynamics and multiscale simulations (atomistic finite element methods); 
•Bioinformatics and computational biology (emphasis on genomics)
•High-resolution seismic imaging in geophysics;
•Scientific data management (eScience), high performance computing, multicore parallelism, computer architecture and cloud computing.


The long-term goals of CCES involve all aspects of high performance and data-intensive computing applied to the physical and chemical sciences, mechanical engineering and materials, computational biology and bioinformatics, computational geophysics, and computer science. The Center provides an stimulating scientific environment in which graduate students from different areas will acquire word-class training in computational engineering and sciences which will enable them to work both in academia and industrial or business segments that rely heavily on information technology and computational modeling approaches.
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